Vadstena InfoCenter

Contact information

Vadstena kommun - InfoCenter
Storgatan 28, 592 30 Vadstena
 +46-10-234 7370

Opening times

Monday-Friday 10-16
Selfservice daily 9-21


  • Internet
  • Credit card accepted
  • Handicapped accessible
  • Open throughout the year

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Vadstenas InfoPoints

In addition to the InfoCenter at Storgatan 28, visitors to Vadstena's InfoPoints are also advised on tourism:

Boden i hamnparken
Hamnparken, 592 30 Vadstena

Borghamn Strand
Borghamnsvägen 1, 592 93 Borghamn

Rådhustorget 4, 592 30 Vadstena

Arkivgatan, 592 30 Vadstena

Rosteriet Vadstena
mobil kaffevagn
Hufvudstad Gård, 592 94 Vadstena

Sancta Birgitta Klostermuseum
Gräsgården, Klosterområdet, 592 30 Vadstena

Starby Hotell, Konferens & Spa
Ödeshögsvägen 2, 592 40 Vadstena

Vadstena Camping
Vätterviksbadet, 592 94 Vadstena

Vadstena Castle
Hamngatan 4, 592 30 Vadstena

Vadstena Choklad & Deli
Storgatan 7c,592 30 Vadstena

Vadstena Library
Slottsgatan 10, 592 30 Vadstena

Welcome !

Free WiFi

Free WiFi is available in several locations in the municipality. The network is called Vadstena WiFi and will automatically appear on your phone, computer or tablet when you are within range.

Here's what you do:

  1. Search for and select the Vadstena WiFi network
  2. Accept the terms and conditions
  3. Surf free and unlimited
The free network is the result of EU funds granted to the municipality in the framework of the Wifi4EU project.

Event guide

Vadstena offers a wide range of events all year round, summer and winter. It is fair to say that Vadstena is the cultural capital of Östergötland. offers an extensive event section, but only in Swedish.

All events are listed in the Vadstena kalendariet in chronological order, week after week, month after month, up to one year in advance.

There is no need to click back and forth between events. Simply scroll down and up or jump to the month that interests you.

Specific genres have their own program pages:

Guided tours

If you would like to visit one of Vadstena's 19 (!) museums, you will find opening hours and entrance information on our Museum page.

The municipality of Vadstena is home to some of Sweden's oldest and most interesting stone churches. The Church page will show you the way and inform you about the opening hours.

Smart webapplications provides quick access to information about all events, activities, attractions, dining and accommodation in Vadstena and the surrounding area through our progressive web applications. Here we use the latest developments on the web without downloads and updates via various app stores.

Experiencee Vadstena

Read more and start directly from the English startpage and install the webapp on the start screen/app screen.

Other web applications

On the Swedish-language pages, the following can be found Evenemang i Vadstena, UpplevVadstena and UpplevOmberg.