The blue and yellow train takes you on a guided tour of medieval Vadstena. Join one of the tours that start at the castle moat in high season, or book your own tour for your wedding celebration, party, conference, family party or school class. The tour is in Swedish. However, you can also choose to receive information in German or English via headphones.

KungsTåget vid vändplatsen, Lastköpingsgatan. Foto: Bernd Beckmann

Dates and times 2023
24 June - 20 August: Daily tours.
Tours depart at 11:00, 11:45, 12:30, 13:15, 14:00, 14:45 and 15:30. Subject to change due to pre-booked tours.

In good weather also tours in the early and late season. See Kungståget or ask +46-70-3390 250.

Departure point
Departure and arrival at western moat (Arkivgatan).

Tickets can be purchased before boarding the train. 60 SEK children, 80 SEK adults. Children under 4 years free. Dogs 40 SEK, only sitting on the floor and on a leash.

Come early if you want to join a particular ride, as the train fills up quickly. No seat reservation and first come, first served.

Hedenskog Nöjen

+46-70-3390 250

Boka i Salver

KungsTåget vid Mårten Skinnares Hus. Foto: Bernd Beckmann

KungsTåget vid klostret, Lasarettgatan. Foto: Bernd Beckmann