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Ecopark Omberg's MTB trails

Sveaskog - responsible for the Omberg Ecopark - has created two MTB trails, one on the north side of the mountain with start and finish at Drottning Ommas Castle (5,4 km) and one on the south side with start and finish in Stocklycke (12 km or 9 km respectivly).

The paths run counterclockwise over short asphalt stretches, forest paths, cleared paths and individual hiking trails. Please note that the trails are shared with pedestrians - show consideration and give the hikers priority!

Omberg ecopark's MTB-trails (in swedish).

Attention! In Sveaskog's current maps from 2021, the following drawn routes deviate from the actual course: Östgötaleden on the north-east side of Omberg, Cycle Route North on the north-east side of Omberg and Cycle Route South past Höje.

Bike trail north

Ecopark Omberg's MTB trails: bike trail north


Bike trail north - Profiles

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Bike trail south

Ecopark Omberg's MTB trails: bike trail south


Bike trail south, short loop - Profiles Short loop

Bike trail south, long loop - Profiles Long loop

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Regional biketrails


   374 km (main route within Småland/Östergötland)

Created 1984/1997
Alternative: Gränna-Visingsö 25 km
Very clearly signposted with red signs, even in built-up areas.
90 % with road surface.
Bårstad-Häckenäs-Örberga section in the municipality of Vadstena gravel road.
The route Vadstena-Gränna runs together with the route Vättern-leden.
Connects to Sverigeleden in the north and south.


Please note!: In the OSM cycling map, Vättern-Sommenleden is only marked between Väderstad, Vadstena, Skännninge and Mjölby.

Runt Vättern-leden

   410 km (Main route: Around the lake Vättern, Askersund-Motala-Vadstena- Ödeshög-Gränna-Jönköping-Habo-Hjo-Forsvik)

Created in 2000
Alternative: Connecting routes from different starting points -
Hargebaden, Medevi, Tidaholm, Karlsborg, Olshammar and Mullsjö/Ryfors 80 km.
Quite clear signs (blue signs)
75 % asphalted roads.
The Bårstad-Häckenäckenäs-Örberga section in the municipality of Vadstena is gravelled.
The Vättern-leden route touches three other cycle path systems: Västgötaleden in the west, Vättern-Sommenleden in the southeast and Sverigeleden in the north.


Local biketrails

Pilgrims round

  93,8 km | ascent/descent 260 m

Created 2018

Start at the Pilgrim Centre in Vadstena. The journey goes over the plain and the Omberg, past Tåkern and Vättern. Twelve medieval churches are along the way (Vadstena Abbey Church, Orlunda Church, Vårfrukyrkan (Skänninge), Bjälbo Church, Appuna Church, Kumla Church, Svanshals Church, Röks Church, Heda Church, Rogslösa Church, Örberga Church, Nässja Church.

Combine motion by bike with peace and accessibility. Take a break at the churches and relax. Take the chance to gather more impressions of the environment. Cyclists can even collect stamps from the twelve churches. Each stamp represents something from the church that you can find out. A pilgrimage does not necessarily have to be done on foot.

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Australien runt

  12,1 km | ascent/descent 100 m

Start and finish is the monastery ruin of Alvastra. The route leads along paths with several destinations for visitors.

Tillyvägen and Vallgatan between Stocklycke and Turistvägen as well as the route through the Dags mosse are gravelled.

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Cycle routes
with Borghamn/Omberg as starting point

Omberg runt

Omberg runt

  25,5 km | ascent/descent 180 m

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Map with sights and points of interest